Background Check




Site will be operational to accept background checks starting on March 15.

Background checks are required for all board members and those that will participate in the instruction of the kids during the football season.  This includes all coaches and their assistants.  The background check will have to be done by the first day of practice which starts on July 18th.  

STEP 1    

STEP 2             Introduction / select organization

STEP 3             Apply for position 

STEP 4             Fill out application form

STEP 5             Authorization / Submit

STEP 6             PAY $43.00

STEP 7             You are done… Thank You

STEP 8             Your organization will notify you of your status.  If you are not approved due to previous criminal history then the contract company for the background checks will contact you via certified letter and inform you the steps you will need to take to be granted approval.  The SYFC will notify you of the outcome of your request.