The eligibility of the scholarships has changed. Each scholarship that is requested will be reviewed at time you register. Scholarships will be available this year on a limited basis. The price for scholarships will be $100 per child to be paid in full at the time of registration.

At the time of registration you must have all your forms filled out as indicated in the registration section. Scholarships will be held if everything is not turned in when you register.

In addition you must provide at registration your most recent pay stub which will help to verify your income status, or if you are receiving government assistance such as public housing or food stamps. Please bring documents with you at the time you register. The overall goal is to extend scholarships to those that need it and provide assistance to families with a financial need. This will help to give those who could not otherwise be able to afford to play.  

Also, upon receiving a scholarship, you agree to work 2 hours per week in concession during our pre-season.  It is mandatory to participate in all Chiefs fundraisers. You will also have to fulfill your volunteer duties assigned by your team mom during the season, which may include: gate duty, spirit shop, chain duty, or concession. These duties are in addition to the 2 hours a week in concession during pre-season.