Parent Information


Seminole Chiefs will use Team App for all notifications and updates this coming season. Download Team App for your phone and search “Seminole Chiefs”. Sign-up and wait for approval to receive the latest updates.

As a parent or spectator, I will not:

1. Interfere/interrupt the coaching staff during games or practices.

2. Criticize officials or coaches, direct abuse or profane language toward them, or otherwise subvert their authority.

3. Criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches, or spectators by word of mouth, by gesture, or by deliberately inciting unsportsmanlike behavior.

4. Undermine, in work or deed, the authority of the coach or the Seminole Chiefs.


Consequences of Behavior

 At any Seminole Chiefs event, practice, or competition, any adult who verbally abuses, attempts to intimidate, is flagrantly rude to, or does not control their language or actions with a player, official, coach, spectator, or board member will be asked to leave the event. He or she will receive written warning regarding their behavior. If the spectator fails to leave upon request, law enforcement authorities may be called to remove the spectator.
Any adult that commits a second similar offense will be banned from Seminole Chiefs events for the remainder of that season.

Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, or board member will be banned from the Seminole Chiefs for one year from the date of the offense. After one year, the parent may apply for re-instatement. If the adult commits a second offense, he or she will be permanently banned from the Seminole Chiefs. The term physical assault includes, but is not limited to: hitting, slapping, pushing, spitting, kicking or striking in any way with any part of the body or any physical implement.